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"Alignment is when our thoughts, life-choices, and direction all honour our core values. Alignment is function and action with ease"
THE / ALIGN is a marriage of these sentiments between our wholesale agency, our brand partners and retailer friends to foster the best relationships and authentic expansion. We are on a sustainable journey and ALIGN ourselves with brands that honour  the same accountability. 

/ slow / considered / purpose led /


Slow fashion and conscious consumption are the foundations of THE / ALIGN agency.  We believe that what we wear and what we buy should be valued and have the longevity to extend beyond seasons and trends.  We align with labels that all have this imprinted into their ethos with purpose led and intentional production. 


Sustainability and reducing environmental impact is paramount to us.  The fashion industry is devastatingly one of the highest consuming industries globally, with wastage and pollution at the forefront of environmental damage and we feel we can advocate change to make a positive impact in this realm.
Our labels all share and encompass this sentiment with us and mindfully play their part, whether it be using certified ingredients, natural fibres, organic cotton, natural dyes, considered packaging, recycled materials, dead-stock fabrics or valuing small scale production which eliminates the need for sales and wasteful oversupply. They all hold sustainability high to their core values and strive towards better practices upon each collection


THE / ALIGN aligns with social responsibility. We believe in ethical, fair and humane practices to be withheld to all the hands that touch each garment or product; from inception to end customer.


We proudly partner with only Australian and New Zealand labels and we also place high value on local production. This boosts our own economy and supports small businesses, not to mention the innovation, creativity, thoughtful and purpose driven design Australian brands have to offer is inspiring. We relish sharing their journeys via the lens of storytelling to retailers and end customers.


Honesty in the fashion and production industry is often difficult to come by but a strong pillar in sustainability. Being transparent allows for accountability and traceability through sourcing all the way through production to the end life of a product. We aim to showcase the visibility of our partnered labels and their transparent supply chains to advocate and educate awareness.